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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Scholars in Residence General Information


Rabbi Yosef Gavriel

and Dr. Shani M.


Scholar-in-residence and lecturing information

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We have a large and varied repertoire of topics and programs, and, Baruch Hashem, have been very well received in many venues, including shul and hotel scholar-in-residence events and programs. Below you will find:

Short bios.A sample program from a recent "joint" Scholar in Residence Shabbos.A selection of sample topics for lectures and/or shiurim.

Our contact information is below. Please contact us to discuss, plan and schedule programming.

Thank you.
home: 845.425.6820
cell: 845.216.1617

Brief Bios:

Rabbi Bechhofer is a Rebbe and Maggid Shiur at the Mesivta of Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan (MTA) and at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach in Monsey. He is also a writer and editor at Artscroll/Mesorah Publications. Rabbi Bechhofer has served as a Rav, Rosh Kollel and educator in the Chicago and New York areas. He is a sought after scholar in residence, and has lectured in many venues around the world. He is a prolific author, and has published several books and numerous essays in major Orthodox Jewish periodicals.

Dr. Shani Bechhofer is one of the foremost authorities on all aspects of the contemporary world of Chinuch. She has recently established her own consulting agency. Dr. Bechhofer has been involved in Jewish education for over two decades as limudei kodesh teacher, general studies director, menaheles and principal, consultant, professor and researcher. She has been featured in US News & World Report for her leadership as the Principal of the Hanna Sacks Bais Yaakov High School in Chicago. 

Sample of a joint program:

Kesher Israel’s July Scholar In Residence Team

KI is proud to welcome Rabbi Yoseph Gavriel & Dr. Shani Bechhofer – who will be joining us as team scholars in residence for the Shabbos of July 24th (Shabbos Nachamu).

All of us look forward to learning from the Bechhofers at the following venues:
  1. Rabbi Bechhofer will deliver the Shabbos morning sermon at KI
  2. Following Kiddush at KI, both Rabbi and Dr. Bechhofer will speak on “Public Scofflaws: The Orthodox Chilul Hashem”
  3. From 6:20 -7:20 PM Rabbi Bechhofer will share his encyclopedic knowledge with the entire community at the home of (to be announced). He will speak on the little known Mitzvah of Shiluach HaKen (sending away the mother bird) in a talk entitled: “A Torah of Refinement”
  4. At 7:50 PM, the women of the community are invited to join together for a women’s Shalosh Seudos at the home of Aviva & Dr. Jeff Kashuk (2945 Green St.) where Dr. Bechhofer will speak on: “Lessons in Relevance: Can the great women of our heritage really serve as role models for our complex, busy lives?”
  5. Following the 7:50 PM Mincha at KI, Rabbi Bechhofer will offer his final presentation entitled: “The P’lishtim: They Weren't Just Philistines”

Some ideas for shiur and lecture topics:

Emuna & Hashkafa:
& Practical Halachic Issues:
The Age of the Universe
Eruvin in Metropolitan Areas
Evidence and Emunah
The Definition of Death in Halacha
Does Reason Serve Faith
or Faith Serve Reason
Organ Transplants
Tradition, History & Belief
Curtailing Treatment of the Terminally Ill
The Authenticity of the Torah
Cholov Yisroel
Bechira Chofshis: How Free are We?
Agunah Problems & Related Issues
Divine Providence
Buying Meat in Non-Jewish Owned Stores
The Unity of G-d
Banking in a Jewish Owned Bank
G-d's Incorporeality
When & What
Mechitza is Required by Halacha
Creation Ex Nihilo
May Jews Return to Spain
Worshiping G-d — Nothing Else
Changing Neighborhoods
Halachic Attitudes Towards Secular Studies
The Prophecy of Moshe Rabbeinu
The Use of Microphones in Halacha
The Divine Origin of Torah
Women in Jewish Communal Life
The Torah will not be Abrogated
G-d's Omniscience
Organized Labor & Strikes
Reward & Punishment
Tzedaka & Ma'aser Kesafim
Moshiach: Are These Messianic Times?
Glatt Kosher
Resurrection of the Dead
Sheimos: What are They
& How to Dispose of Them
These & Those
are the Words of the Living G-d
Headcovering for Women
Our Relationship with Previous Generations
The Great International Dateline Controversy
The Impact of Kabbala on Machashava
Bishul Akum
Sophisticated Chesed
Teaching Torah to Non-Jews
Denominational Attitudes
Yeshivot Hesder in Halacha
Sinners Within & Ahavas Yisroel
The Greater They Are, The Greater Their Fall
Cheating on Your Taxes
Chronologies of
the 2nd Beis HaMikdosh Period
Kol Isha
Brazenness & Bashfulness
Ashkenazic vs. Sepharadic Pronunciation
Exploring Chutzpa
Suing Your Rabbi for Malpractice
What is True Yiras Shomayim
Copyrights in Halacha
Tefilla & Avodas Hashem Workshops
Autopsies & Biopsies
Truth & Falsehood
Plastic Surgery & Diets
Malachim (Angels):
What are They/What do they Do?
Communal Unity
Bein Yisroel L'Amim: Judaism & Christianity
Shabbos Cosmetics
What is Kedusha & How is it Achieved
Cigarette Smoking in Halacha
Torah she'be'al Peh as the Focus
May Women Wear Pants?
Analyzing Agadata
Music in Halacha
Time & Times in Judaism
The Leviathan
Laws of Waiting on Line
& Priorities in a Waiting Room
Bitachon: Trust in G-d
Teshuva & Kiruv
Para Aduma
Magic & Magicians in Halacha
Kilayim & Sha’atnez
Practical Hilchos Mezuza
Basar Ve'Chalav
Kisui HaDam
Halachos of Shabbos Goyim
Pride & Humility
Electric Lights in Halacha
Vegetarianism in Halacha
Simchas Chosson V'Kalla
Shabbos Elevators
Ta’amei ha’Mitzvos
Heter Iska
Zav & Zava
Entering Churches & Mosques
Rebuking Wrongdoers
Cooking for & on Shabbos & Yom Tov
Entering the Temple Mount
Atah Kadosh
Restoring Avodas HaKorbonos
Atah Bechartanu
Eating Jewishly
Frankfurt vs. Volozhin
In Vitro Fertilization
G-d Diminished the Moon?
Surrogate Motherhood
Acher: Elisha ben Avuya
Dayanim & Batei Din in Modern Times
The Jewish Concept of Thanksgiving
Semicha & Psak Halacha
Shiluach HaKen
Corporal & Capitol Punishment in Our Times
Opening Other People’s Mail
The Prophecy of Bilam
Chopping Down Fruit Trees
The Use of Lie Detectors in Halacha
Of Donkeys & Cold
Disturbing the Peace:
Exhuming & Relocating Graves
Prophecy: Dreams
From Soup to Nuts:
Eating a Meal al pi Halacha
Sippur Yetzias Mitzrayim
Behind Bars with Halacha: Imprisonment
Yomim Tovim
Sale of Weapons by Israel
to Foreign Countries
Yomim Noro’im
Reversing Bal Tashchis: Recycling
Chana & Shmuel HaNavi
Close Shaves with Halacha: Electric Razors
Shaul HaMelech
Business Partnerships with a Goy
The Plishtim
Partnerships with Mechalelei Shabbos
May a Jew Own Stock
in a Company that Trades in Treifos?
The Ba'alei Machashava on War
Medicines/Medical Procedures
on Shabbos/Yom Tov
Kochi v'Otzem Yadi
Is a Promise Halachically Binding?
Courage & Cowardice
What & Why
Rabbinic Ordinances are Binding
Sanctity & Profanity
Shadchanim & Real Estate Agents
What's a Bracha & How Does it Work?
Dovid HaMelech
Rise & Shine: Getting Up in with Halacha
Bar Kochba
Wars & Armies
Gid HaNasheh
May a Jew Become a Professional
Football Player & Related Issues
Netzach & Hod
Oh No! You Have a She'eila
& no Rabbi to Ask: What do you do?
Talmid Chochom
Is Pasteurized Wine Mevushal?
Din: Judgement
Fetal Reduction & Related Issues
Judaism & Freedom
Stitches on Shabbos
The Name of G-d & the Night of the Seder
Squeezing & Grinding on Shabbos
The Fifth Cup
Redistributing the Wealth:
Yissaschar-Zevulun Relationships
Kabbolas Shabbos
Were the Chashmonaim
Allowed to Assume the Kingship of Israel?
Rabbi Chanina & Rabbi Yannai
Chopping Pesukim
Six Tehillim & the Days of the Week
Sunrise, Sunset: Halachic Times of Day
Mizmor L'Dovid
Rising Before the Wise & Senior Citizens
Longevity & Immortality
Lifnei Iver
Rib'is: Subscribing to Jewish Periodicals?
Male & Female
The First Year of Marriage
Halachos of Taking Challa from Dough
Tanya for Misnagdim
The Mitzvah of Ma'akeh
Ma'avir Rishon Rishon
Beyond Seder
Shabbos Clocks
Is the Way to Heaven Paved with Them?
Shabbos & Electricity
Judaism & Monarchy
Halacha at 35,000 Feet:
Airplane Travel Issues
Netzach Yisroel
Child Abuse
Magen Dovid
Happy Endings: Halachos of Haftaros
Half Hallel
Constructive Justice? Bribing Public Officials
Microwave Ovens: Shabbos & Kashrus
Malchus & Shechina
Wills & Testaments: Issues & Resolutions
Havaya”h, Elokim, Tzevako"s, Adnu"s
Office Parties: Yoreh De'ah Issues
Social Gatherings: Moshav Leitzim
Beis HaMikdosh: A Neck
A Change of Place:
Shinui Makom in Berachos
288 Nitzotzos
The Effects of Inflation on Halacha
The Eyes of G-d
Kedushas Bais HaKenesses
Too Great a Test?
Finders Keepers?
Abandoned Objects in Public Places
Sorcery & Sin
Kavod & Kerias Sefer Torah
Amalek & Tomorrow
So What's New? Chodosh!
The Throne of Dovid and Shlomo
Is there a Halachic Basis for Yom HaSho'ah?
Kashrus, Shabbos & Yom Tov
Rosh and Crown
Forcing a Husband to Give a Get
Tzedaka vs. Chesed
Financial Assistance from non-Jews
Tanach vs. Chazal
Da'as Torah
in Halachic & Non-Halachic Areas
Transitions & Chana's Song
Shabbos Babycare:
Baby Wipes & Disposable Diapers
Kaf HaKela: The Catapult
Reuven or Robert?
English Names for Jewish People
Gehinnom & Reward
Good Intentions: Kavana for the Beginning of Shma
Animal Experimentation & Tza'ar Ba'alei Chaim
Pop-Top Halacha: Opening Various Food Containers


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